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Lee Rank
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Fellow alumni has made a lasting impact on and off campus with his spirited appearance.

Everyone around campus knew Lee Rank – for his spirited appearances as the PVCC Puma mascot, his many volunteer activities, and his student leadership presence. The 20-year old Taiwanese native, who struggled as a child to overcome learning challenges and classification as a special needs student, was determined to strive for success. Finishing strong, he earned a 4.0 GPA his senior year in high school and was accepted at several major universities.

During his time at the college, Lee became a PVCC honors student, a member of Phi Theta Kappa (PTK), the international two-year college honor society, and the Male Empowerment Network (MEN) program. His passionate activism earned him a 2014 Puma Paw award for student leadership and a MEN scholarship. He was also selected to attend a Global Leadership Conference. An avid baseball fan, Lee’s favorite college memory is representing PVCC as the Puma at a Diamondbacks game, where he met his favorite players and showed his Puma Pride on the field.

Off campus, Lee was a dedicated community volunteer who made lasting contributions as a volunteer for his alma mater, Shadow Mountain High School; the North Valley Police Explorers; and the Shiloh Community Church. He also volunteered as a peer mentor for students utilizing Disability Resources.

“It’s about serving others, not myself,” he explains, adding that his philosophy is to “be a quarterback, not a wide receiver.”

Lee’s energy has been an asset to Grand Canyon University, where he has attained a Bachelor of Science in Business Management degree with an honors distinction in Spring 2017. With his degree, he plans to pursue his dream job of becoming an ESPN anchor. "I’m the person who keeps going and is the inner cheerleader for people."