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Brandon Crowe

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Brandon Crowe

A full scholarship at ASU did not deter Brandon Crowe from traveling to PVCC to pursue his interest in Philosophy.  “I wanted to take Philosophy courses and kept hearing that PVCC was the best place to really examine fundamental issues in Philosophy and in a really healthy environment. What they had there (in those (Philosophy and Religion) departments) and the way the classes connected and deepened my thinking was really impressive and impactful.”

Brandon found Professor Gangadean, to be the most influential instructor he had at PVCC and describes him as “insightful and penetrating.” “I honestly didn't expect to be so blown away by an intro-level class at PVCC. His genuine care to press students to examine their own views has continued to direct my thinking over the last 15 or so years.”

“When I was set to begin a PhD program my first thought was: I need to go back to

PVCC and re-examine the basic questions and issues they're asking about religion, philosophy, truth, and meaning. So, I immediately helped Brandon to “keep focus on the crucial question of "worldview" in one's life. I only wish the higher-level grad courses I took kept this concept in focus.”

Brandon went on to share: “I'm very grateful for the courses I took at PVCC. This was the first time I felt the power of insight and goodwill in a teacher who simply wanted to teach. I believe the last decade of my work in education was formed by the environment in the Philosophy courses at PVCC. Thank you!”

Brandon is currently Headmaster at Glendale Preparatory Academy, a Great Hearts school, in the Northwest Valley.  Additionally, he teaches Religious Studies classes for Arizona State University.  Brandon holds a BA, MA, and is ABD in Religious Studies at ASU.